Suggestions for Parents

Some Helpful Speech and Language Suggestions for Parents

Language is speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Each supports and enriches the other.

  • Be an active listener Listen closely when your child speaks
  • Encourage participation in conversation
  • Encourage elaboration on topics
  • Use your voice to show expression
  • If your child misarticulates a sound, repeat the word with an appropriate model
  • If your child uses incorrect grammar structures, model the correct grammar
  • When reading together, discuss new or complex words/vocabulary
  • Retell stories or books “in your own words”
  • Play board games such as “Outburst Junior” and “Scattergories”  to help with vocabulary, understanding categories and word retrieval skills
  • Play games such as “Guess Who” and “20 Questions” to help with asking appropriate questions and challenge auditory memory skills
  • Follow recipes or steps to a craft project to improve sequencing and language comprehension skills
  • Play “barrier games” to improve use of precise and clear expressive language skills. Seat across from each with some type of visual barrier between you. One person describes picture so that the other person can recreate the picture by drawing it.
  • Use story starters to help tell stories
  • Make predictions about a story or chapter of a book you read to or with your child
  • When reading together, ask your child questions and if you think they don’t understand something, stop and explain it
  • Record a special day by taking a picture and pasting the picture into a journal. Have your child write or scribe about the day
  • Use a family message board
  • Limit your child’s television viewing time
  • When you watch shows with your child, discuss what you have seen so your child can better understand the programs
  • Have your child make pictures in their heads to help facilitate recall and comprehension
  • After reading a short paragraph out loud, have your child draw a picture about the paragraph
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