Jenny Houston

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Visual Arts Education Philosophy

Art is the discipline of creative expression.

An arts education is necessary in our schools because it provides a forum for students to explore and respond to their own creative instincts and weigh those against the achievements of artists and cultures who have contributed to the current world state of the arts.

Beginning in kindergarten the basic elements and principals of design will be introduced and continued throughout the child's educational experience. We are creating lifelong learners who have a technical proficiency and vocabulary of skills that will lead us into the future.

Through differentiated instruction and interdisciplinary learning all students have the ability to succeed in the art room.

  • Teach students to trust their imaginations and develop critical and reflective thinking skills.
  • Enable students to shape and refine their ideas in order to convey meaning.
  • Encourage lifelong learners to integrate their understanding of the arts by exploring parallels and connections among various academic and art disciplines.
  • Allow the student to study the artistic works of others through analysis, interpretation and the making of critical judgments.
  • Teach tolerance of diversity through cultural and historical concepts.
  • Aid in the development of motor skills, spatial relations and coordination.

Our modern world society is dependent upon creativity and the ability to envision. Through the arts these creative critical thinking skills can be nurtured and developed.

The creative problem solving that happens in the art room transpires throughout a person’s life!

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